Pre-qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)

The main purpose of a PQQ is to ensure that all companies who are invited to tender can meet the minimum financial and technical requirements to undertake the advertised work.

When organisations place advertisements for tenders and request expressions of interest, they may receive hundreds of responses. A PQQ is almost always used as a way to shortlist these responses. Completing a PQQ is therefore often the first step in the tender process. Businesses may also have to complete a PQQ when applying to join an approved/preferred supplier list.
Health and Safety is a key criteria in the selection process and you must submit information relating to Health and Safety in your organisation in the PQQ. You must be able to demonstrate that you comply with Health and Safety legislation and if you are applying for a contract where Health and Safety is particularly important (e.g. in a construction contract) you may also be asked for detailed additional information.

As a minimum, you will be asked to submit:

Your Health and Safety policy

Information around what you do to manage Health and Safety in your organisation. This could be details of responsible staff, risk assessment procedures, or details of any accidents or fatalities that may have occurred in your organisation.

We can assist with completing the H&S sections of such assessments plus recommending the supporting evidence that may be required and suggesting training courses that may be lacking.

Client Feedback

We will work with you to ensure that you reach the required standard for accreditation. If you would like our help to gain any Health & Safety scheme please contact us.