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CHAS Accreditation

Help With CHAS Registration

Making a CHAS application and filling out the CHAS assessment application forms can be a daunting process, so we will work with you and assist you with your CHAS Assessment Application, ensuring you have all of the necessary documentation and procedures that are required by CHAS in place before making your CHAS application. We advise you on your training needs and will review health and safety policy documents and any other health and safety documentation that you may require as part of your CHAS Application.

What Is CHAS Accreditation?

CHAS is short for the Contractors Health and safety Assessment Scheme and is a third-party accreditation, primarily used in the building and construction sectors. It is one of the most recognised and well-respected certifications in the industry. Clients know that any contractor bearing the CHAS accreditation logo can be depended upon to operate with the safety of their crew and others foremost in mind.

Your One-Stop-Shop for CHAS Accreditation

Furthermore we can fulfil the role of your health and safety advisors throughout the year for a low fixed price fee, we will then review the CHAS assessment application before it is submitted to CHAS for assessment. Having access to competent health and safety advice and support, together help in the preparation of your CHAS Assessment Application will all significantly improve your chances of a favourable CHAS assessment.

When it comes to making a CHAS assessment application we offer a complete one-stop-shop, and we are probably the only health and safety consultants that can provide you with competent health and safety advice, competent construction safety advice and competent Environmental advice, all of which are now essential requirements for a successful CHAS assessment application.

Client Feedback

We will work with you to ensure that you reach the required standard for CHAS accreditation. If you would like our help with CHAS registration please contact us.